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Though more modern types of blinds have come on the market in recent years, let us see why Venetian Blinds is an old style choice for the house. Venetian blinds were first used in Italy and they were originally called Roman blinds. Roman blinds were hung with nails or screws and opened and closed by hand, similar to Venetian Blinds. They were made from various materials, including plastic or aluminum. They were a cost-effective way to control the amount of light coming into a room.

Reason To Buy These Blinds In Abu Dhabi 

The reason why they were cost effective is because they did not require any complex mechanisms. Instead, they were simply drawn up and closed with a simple mechanism. There were 2 horizontal slat blocks, each holding a light-blocking material. To open them, a person had to pull a handle that was located in the center of the bottom block. It worked like this because the horizontal slats would be parallel to each other and would fall into a hole in the center of the bottom block when the block was pulled out.

  • The advantages of Venetian Blinds over the other types of blinds available at that time were many. 
  • For one thing, Venetian was affordable and easy to install. 
  • It also looked very stylish when installed in the window covering.
  • Unlike the other types available, Venetian blinds did require some extra care when cleaning. 
  • Since it was made out of wood, dust would accumulate on it unless it is vacuumed often. 
  • In addition, since the slats move in and out, it could also scratch the furniture or other surfaces in the room. 
  • Therefore, it is important to keep the slats open. Vacuuming would keep the dust out. 
  • Some manufacturers also recommend oiling the slats to keep it from sticking or to prolong the life of the product.

Another way that Venetian Blinds differ from ordinary blinds is in the design of the slats. They are actually a series of interconnected slats that are all rotationally controlled. This is important because the slats are the window dressing and also provide insulation from heat and cold in the room. Each of the slats has an arm that can be rotated in different directions. Because of this, these blinds are known as rotary blinds or Venetian blinds. The slats are usually made of stiffened yarn or fabric with the slats being connected by eyelets.

There Are Three Types Of venetian Blinds: 

horizontal, vertical and inclined. Horizontal blinds give the best insulation because of the superior wind protection. When used in colder climates, the vertical type provides better insulation than the horizontal kind. Of course, the biggest disadvantage of using these blinds is that they are not very attractive due to the straight lines and lack of designs.

Venetian Blinds may not have as many designs and are better suited to insulating your room because of their superior width. Because of their superior width, they provide the best window blinds when you need to block lots of light in a room. However, they have less insulation than the horizontal slats and therefore may not be the best window blinds for your windows. You should only use them if you have very old windows or very large windows.

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The last two types of window blinds that we will discuss are the inclined and Venetian Blinds types. The inclined Venetian blinds run along a track from side to side; this track is adjustable so the slats can be turned either end to open or close the slat panel. The vertical blinds run on tracks or casters and the cords to wrap around the perimeter of the slats. The cords and the wheels of the blind pull the blind to one side or another and they are operated by rolling the cord through the slat.