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Velvet Curtains

Velvet Curtains: The Ultimate in Luxury

Velvet curtains are a textile type initially made from silk, and the material is designed with fibers, including silk and cotton. Velvet curtains are typically made with a thick weave and have many layers, making them heavy and sturdy. Velvet curtains are often used in bedrooms and living rooms as they block out light to provide a calm and mellow space. 

Furthermore, the curtains come in various colors and designs, including deep reds and burgundies, fiery oranges, rich blues and purples, and soft greens. Below are the different velvet curtain installation styles.

What Are the Different Styles for Installing Velvet Curtains?

Velvet curtains come in many different styles:

  • Panel – A single piece of fabric that hangs horizontally across the window.
  • Roman – Curtains that hang vertically on either side of a window or vertically in front of doors or windows.
  • Pelmet – A decorative curtain rod at the top of a window frame that attaches directly to the wall.
  • What Are the Benefits of Installing Velvet Curtains?

Velvet curtains are a great way to add a touch of elegance and style to your home. Here’s how you can benefit from installing velvet curtains in your home:

  • Drapes Evoke Classic Design

Velvet curtains evoke a sense of class and elegance, especially when paired with an elegant chandelier and a delicate vase of flowers on a marble table. They also provide a softness ideal for a bedroom or living room.

Velvet Curtains

  • Block Out Light to Ensure Privacy

Whether trying to block out the morning sun or want some privacy, velvet curtains can be useful in blocking light from entering your home after dark. They also add an element of privacy to any room, making them ideal for bedrooms or dining rooms.

  • Keeps Out the Cold Which Is Helpful for Drafty Windows

Velvet curtains are incredibly insulating, so if you have drafty windows that let cold air into your home during winter, velvet curtains may be just what you need!

What Are the Different Types of Velvet Curtains?

There are many different types of velvet curtains, but a few stand out from the rest. Here’s a breakdown of some of the trending velvet curtain types:

  • Chiffon Velvet

Chiffon velvet is a lightweight, semi-sheer fabric stiffened with starch or acrylic. It’s commonly used for curtains and draperies because of its drape ability and softness.

  • Crushed Velvet

Crushed velvet is made by weaving two or more layers of fabric together and then crushing the material to create its texture. It creates a dense, velvety look popular in home décor, especially for upholstery projects like sofa and chair covers. 

  • Embossed Velvet 

Embossed velvet is made by applying heat to the fabric, which makes it shrink and form creases—similar to when you iron a shirt! The result is a textured finish that can be used as an accent piece or as an overlay on other fabrics (like cotton). 

  • Hammered Velvet 

Hammered velvet is produced by weaving two or more layers of fabric together under pressure, which causes them to crinkle up in places like paper would if you got it wet enough so that it starts to wrinkle up along the edges (see image). The result is a textured finish with a smooth touch.

Velvet Curtains

  • Utrecht Velvet

Utrecht velvet is made from silk, wool, and linen, which gives it its smooth texture and is more expensive than other types of velvet. It’s often used for formal curtains or upholstery because of its durability and longevity—it can last decades when cared for properly!

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  • Does adding velvet curtains to a room make it warmer?

Yes! Velvet curtains are beautiful, but they also help to insulate your home. They can help keep the cold out and the warm in, so you’ll get a comfortable temperature in your room.

  • Do velvet curtains require special care?

Yes, velvet curtains require special care. They should be cleaned with a dry-clean-only product and never put in the washing machine.

  • Does water ruin velvet?

Yes, if you get any liquid on the fabric, it should be blotted up immediately with a dry towel and then dried in the shade.