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Sisal Carpeting is the most unique type of carpet that most people have never heard of or used. But, the fact is that it’s everywhere and you’re probably familiar with at least some pieces. So why should you buy Sisal Carpet from our store?

Unlike regular carpets, which have stiff, scratchy grains, seagrass are softer and stain resistant. They can easily be dyed to match most decorating schemes and are less likely to attract unpleasant odors. In fact, seagrasses have even been known to repel moths from houses and clothing!

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Another great reason to choose sisal carpet is that they’re much more durable and resilient. Regular Sisal Carpet can easily be damaged by heavy foot traffic. This makes them poor choices for high traffic areas such as entryways or living rooms. But sisal rugs are made from a thick, natural fiber that can withstand lots of wear. This means that you won’t have to replace your rugs as often.

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You also don’t have to worry about the color fading as quickly as other carpets. Colors retain their beauty much longer than synthetic materials. A well made sisal carpet will retain its original color for many years. That’s much longer than the five to ten year lifespan of most artificial rugs. If you have an area that gets heavy foot traffic, you should consider a stair runner as an alternative to a regular carpet.

Pet Dander and Odors – Most people spend a lot of time in their home, so it’s very likely that you’ll leave your home with some pet dander and odors on your carpet. Even if you keep the area clean, you can still smell things in a home. However, sisal carpet is one of the best fabrics available for absorbing the odor. And because it’s so absorbent, you can simply roll up the carpet and dispose of the problem rather than having to vacuum or clean it repeatedly.

These Sisal Carpets Are Absorbing Spills 

As mentioned above, Sisal Carpet is extremely absorbent. And because it’s a natural fiber, it will help keep spills from soaking into the carpet fibers and causing a stain. For example, if you spill milk on a carpet and then leave it sitting for three days, you shouldn’t expect the milk to absorb into the carpet fibers. However, if you vacuum or otherwise remove the milk and the area remains dirty, it will soak into the carpet. A good carpet protector can help prevent stains from soaking in and creating problems for the carpet.

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Stains – Berber-style and cable look almost the same, but they’re worlds apart! Berber carpets are woven from wool fibers, while cable knit carpets use a nylon yarn as its basic material. Because of this, the wool can trap dirt, making it impossible to remove unless professional carpet cleaning service is used. However, since cable knit is more absorbent, stains from dishes can easily penetrate the material without soaking in, making it nearly impossible to clean. However, because the Berber-style is woven in a random pattern, it can be easily cleaned by vacuuming, although it is unlikely the process will remove deep-seated stains.

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Osteophilic (fibrous) Carpets – Olefin carpets have a somewhat stiffer look to them, which is why they’re often placed inside furniture and other large items. The stiffer texture helps prevent spills from soaking in, as well as creating more defined patterns. Olefin carpets also offer some cleaning benefits. While it’s not as absorbent as the other fibers, it tends to leave behind lighter footprints on furniture, which can make a room look less busy. It doesn’t take much pressure to flatten an olefin carpet, so even those with small children can enjoy this flooring type.