Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rugs

Give A Rich Look To Your Home With Shaggy Rugs 

Look no further than shaggy rugs if you want to add colour and light to your home. These carpets would work well to update your living room or brighten up your dull office. You can make any space in your home cozier with one of our plush, soft rugs. Whether used alone or piled over another rug for extra style, these shag rugs provide opulent warmth to your floor. They can be made in soft neutrals like grey rugs or rich, bold colours like red rugs that go with any decor.

How Do Shag Rugs Got Their Name?

Shag rugs were so named because they had a fuzzy texture from lengths of fibre strands that were either left untrimmed or only very minimally trimmed to give them a unique appearance and feel. These warm, relaxing, and fluffy carpets can protect you from cold flooring, especially in the winter. These rugs, typically made of wool, come in vast forms that increase cosiness at their surface by retaining heat inside the pile.

Shaggy Rugs

It differs from most rugs, which stifle air and insulate the space below. Shaggy carpets are available in various forms and sizes, ranging from hand-knotted carpets to toss rugs. The word “quirk” is a more creative and current version of “chic.” It’s an aesthetic that features distinctive, avant-garde lettering and strong patterns. This look is ideal for people who want to refresh their appearance without taking too many risks.

What Makes Shaggy Rugs So Well-Liked?

There are several reasons why a shaggy rug would be a nice addition to your living area. These rugs are the best for high-traffic areas because of their durable design and thick pile. As a result, you will only frequently need to move cautiously over plush carpets in the living room. Additionally, compared to alternative options like synthetic carpets, they are environmentally friendly, simple to maintain, and quick to clean. 

You can create a cosy reading corner for your children with shaggy area rugs. To touch and sit on, it is soft and comfortable. In addition, shaggy rugs have dense, asymmetrical piles made of several yarn strands. The yarn strands give them a shaggy and fluffy appearance. These rugs not only add cosiness to your hideaway but also have an exquisite pile. They are a well-liked choice of all time because of the uniqueness and style they give to any room. 

Why Buy Shaggy Rugs From Interior Fitout Dubai?

Unbelievably, shag rugs are the oldest type of flooring! Despite being around for many centuries, shag rugs are still popular. The most popular choice of rugs to make any area cosier and more welcoming than ever is shaggy rugs for living rooms. Any space benefits from its comfort and style, but making the appropriate choice is critical. Considerations such as size, colour, and the sort of room for which you plan to use the new shag rug should all be made. High-quality shaggy carpets with several colour variants are among the 10,000+ designs available at Interior Fitout Dubai, where we have years of experience in carpet manufacturing. We provide a wide variety of shaggy rugs, including shaggy runners, carpets, and more. Buy shaggy rugs online from  Interior Fitout Dubai to take advantage of free delivery to your door and simple returns.