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Rugs are mostly valued and purchased for their aesthetic appeal, clearly their raison d’être. They serve as a focal point for the area, anchoring the many décor components, adding texture, color, and pattern to a drab environment, and are no less than works of art.

The Amount of Surface Area Covered Is Important

According to the Carpet Institute, exposed flooring can account for 10 to 20% of heat loss, proportional to the carpeted area. This indicates that the larger the carpeted surface, the less heat is lost so that the room will be warmer. Therefore, using the largest area rug is feasible because the overall size of the area rug affects the room’s temperature. You may also play around with the space’s aesthetic by placing numerous smaller rugs along the main footpaths in your home so that your feet are constantly warm when you’re going around.

If you’re having trouble finding the appropriate area rug for your living room based on your size and design preferences, you may commission a bespoke rug from Jaipur Rugs. Not only will you be able to personalize the size to the last detail, but you will also have a role in the style and color of your rug. In addition, you can visit our best rugs store to find the best rugs.

Use a rug pad that is insulated.

If you don’t have a wool rug and don’t want to get one right away, there is a way to make your current area rug work for you. Underneath it, an insulated rug pad adds extra warmth and softness. You can also choose a non-skid backing, which has the added benefit of keeping the rug in place without slipping, wrinkling, or buckling while warming the space.

When it comes to insulated rug pads, you’ll notice that they come in various materials and thicknesses. The thin ones are made to ensure that the rug height does not increase, whereas the thick ones are made to solve insulation problems due to the thick layer of wool or memory foam used. Make sure that the pad is smaller than the area rug to keep it hidden.

Alternatively, choose a heated or thermal rug mat.

Did you know that your rug can be turned into a more active generator of secondary heat? That’s correct. An electric blanket-like effect can be achieved by placing a heated or thermal rug mat beneath your rug. All you have to do now is place them between your rug and your rug pad and plug them in. Some even include timers that automatically turn off after a specific period to prevent overheating. Then, place a heated or thermal rug mat underneath your passive rug to turn it into an active source of additional heat. You can visit our rugs supplier online store to buy the best thermal rugs.

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Don’t let your cold floors make your home feel less welcome during the winter. Using our gorgeous rugs as a secondary heat source and insulating your space for warmth, you may put them to good use.