Rugs cleaning

Rugs Cleaning tips.

When it comes to the decoration of your room, the neat and clean rugs are the most important part of it. You must be careful about the cleanliness of the rugs; otherwise it will have a negative effect on the look of your room. But the question arises how can you clean your rugs effectively and in an easier way. Because, we can observe that cleaning a rug is not an easier task to do, especially at home. Here, we will discuss the ways you can use to avoid the difficulties you may face while cleaning the rugs of your living room. Before going into detail, it is necessary to mention that you can overcome the 50 percent of the problem in cleaning rugs by cleaning them regularly, for example once a week.

Here are some tips which may help you keep your rugs clean and you may do it at home in an easier way.

  • Vacuum cleaner:

The first and the most practiced way to clean the rugs is the usage of vacuum cleaners. Before using a vacuum cleaner, you need to shake the rugs in order to remove the loose dirt from the surface. After doing this, you will find it easier to clean the rugs. Then you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean them. You can also use anti-bacterial and other germs killing remedies in order to kill the germs.

  • Washing:

If the vacuum is not working due to more dense dirt embedded in the rugs, you may try washing them. For this purpose, first apply the water in order to get your rug wet. Then apply shampoo and leave it for some time in order to get it cleaned well. Then rinse it thoroughly with water to remove shampoo. After that you need to get it dry. You may squeeze it and then put it into the sun. After getting it dry, the rug is clean and ready to use.

  • Stain removal:

If your rug has got some stains, it is necessary to remove them as soon as possible. Because stains of coffee, tea and so on , if not removed immediately, get permanent and then it is difficult to remove them. For stain removal, you may use a mixture of white wine vinegar, washing liquid and warm water. It helps a lot in stain removal.

  • Avoid rubbing your rugs:

The last but not least thing is to avoid rubbing your rugs in order to remove stains or spillages. It damages the texture and quality of rugs. This problem occurs when you delay or postpone removing stains and spillages. So , you need to clean the spillages and stains gently. Try to avoid rubbing your rugs.

As I mentioned earlier, cleaning a rug at home is quite a difficult task. But, if you try the above-mentioned techniques, you can make the process of cleaning a rug simpler and easier.

So, next time you are going to wash your rug, do try the above-mentioned tips, it will be helpful for you.