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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds – Huge discounts

Roman shades are functional while also adding some colour to your home. You can fully customise your blinds with the variety of materials, textures, and colours available, so you can be sure that your made-to-measure roman blinds are special to you and for your house. Roman blinds, however, make a significant visual impact in a space and are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, so whichever choice you make will definitely exude style.

What are Roman Blinds?

You can decorate any window space in your house with a variety of window treatments, including roman blinds. They are fabric-based pleated blinds that can be easily adjusted upwards and downwards to suit your preferences by pulling the attached cord. These blinds come in a range of standard window sizes, colour tones, and fabric pattern prints to suit your preferences. With colours that complement or contrast with the colour scheme you’ve already used in your interior décor and styling, you can choose the ideal set of traditional roman blinds to fit any area of your home’s interior design.

Will I want blinds in addition to curtains?

You must decide whether you want curtains when installing Roman blinds. Roman blinds and curtains together produce an opulent appearance with the added benefit of making a space feel cosy in the winter. If the answer is yes, you must install the Roman blind inside the recess because there won’t be much room outside the reveal and you don’t want the curtains to snag the blind.

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How should Roman blinds be measured?

For made-to-measure Roman blinds, the inside recess measurements you provide must be extremely precise. Instead of using a fabric tape measure, which can stretch and provide inaccurate measurements, always use a good quality steel tape measure. Measure twice and place one order. When measuring, take your time and make sure you check your measurements twice.

Why do Roman blinds enclose the window recess above them?

The Roman blind will not sit next to the window pane and will not obstruct the light source as much as it would if it were installed inside the window recess if the blind is mounted above the window recess to cater for the stack depth, the quantification of the Roman blind top to bottom when it is raised.

How can you stop the light from fading?

Roman blinds outside the recess can dress up the window while also reducing the amount of light lost if they are installed higher up.

Installing blinds on the outside will be a better choice for you if you like to display numerous ornaments on the windowsill.

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Why choose us? Roman window blinds, the most stylish alternative to curtains, give your Arab homes and workplaces a contemporary feel. We offer thermal and fully lined blackout roman blinds in a variety of colours and styles in our extensive collection of made-to-measure window coverings. For windows of every size and shape, our roman shades are ideal. For many years, we have provided custom, made-to-measure Roman blinds to Dubai and the surrounding areas. We now possess all the knowledge necessary to consistently produce made-to-measure Roman blinds that are flawless in every way. What’s more, we always incorporate that unique touch into our designs. All of our blinds are handmade, fully lined, exquisitely sewn, and include an upgraded chrome control chain as standard because we constantly strive to go above and beyond.