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Loops Curtains – Latest Collections

Imagine yourself on a warm sunny day, sitting beside the bedside window, and sunlight shining through the curtains is something we all crave for. We all want to indulge in the little joys of life without hassle. 

And when you think of drawing the curtains to enjoy the gentle warmth of the sun peeping in, the curtains become bullies! With all those squabbling and snagging, drawing curtains can be a pain. However, to save you the trouble, Interior Fitout Dubai presents – Loop curtains, your pleasurable solution to this curtain battle. 

Scroll ahead and explore everything you need to learn about this one of the most popular styles of curtain headers to infuse your home with a dollop of class and comfort.

Why Go for Loop Curtains?

The curtain headers have a very important role to play when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. The drapery style of the curtain headers can change the entire look and feel of the space. 

And hence Loop curtains should be your first preference if you love to show off your tastes while enjoying maximum functionality. 

Loops curtains have loops or tabs sewn onto the back of the curtain header. The rod slides through the loops, so neither is visible from the front. 

It creates the illusion of the curtain flowing in space, introducing elegance and chicness to your interiors. Read on to learn what’s more interesting about the loop curtains. 

loop curtains

  • Casual and Relaxed Look

The Loop curtains are a great choice for a casual yet relaxed look. They infuse a modern and less formal curtain header style into your interiors. 

  • Versatile and Adaptable

These curtains and headers are made in the same fabric to offer a uniform look and feel. However, you are still left with wiggle room to experiment with the color of the curtain and its header. The top side of the loop curtains is customized as per requirements. 

For instance, you can choose a contrasting shade for a more stylish vibe. Look for a sheer, billowy fabric for loop curtains that will help create deeper folds in the curtain. As a bonus, these curtains blend well with all curtain rods.

  • Saves Fabric Expenses

The biggest advantage that loop curtains offer is that they require less fabric. But the quality of the handling system parts, like the rod, should be good as the loop curtains keep most of the parts. 

  • Elegant and Charming

Loop curtains are best suited for farmhouse-style interiors as they exude an elegant rustic charm. It is recommended to have only 1½ times gather for loop heading to avoid loops catching on drapery rods. 

 Wrapping Up!

loop curtains

Interior Fitout Dubai lets you customize the look and feel of the curtain headers from the comfort of your home. Our loop curtains are tailor-made with expert attention to detail, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. 

Our experienced designers and artisans will work with you to curate and customize the look of your home. All our loop curtains are customized to your requirement and custom-made to suit the size of your window, door, and even long door. 

Also, our loop curtains are easy to maintain and come with hassle-free cleaning. You can easily maintain Interior Fitout Dubai curtains at home by washing them at room temperature. Just do not tumble dry or bleach.

Why Choose Interior Outfit?

Making the right choice of heading style is essential for the overall look and feel of your home. The Interior Fitout Dubai is the premier destination for custom-made loop curtains in Dubai. We let you pamper your home with various colors and patterns of bespoke curtains.

With a wide selection of fabrics and styles, we have everything to suit your space and style. From stylish to bold and beautiful, we present loop curtains that deliver quality, durability, and aesthetics at competitive pricing.

If you feel we may be able to help you spruce up your home, or you would like to enquire further about our products and services, we would be delighted to hear from you. Schedule an appointment today! 


  • How do you hang loop curtains?

Simply slip your curtain rod through the loops or the eyelet holes. Anchor the ends by keeping one tab or loop either side of your end. This also prevents the curtains from catching on the road.

  • What kind of fabrics work best for loop curtains?

Cotton and linen makes a perfect fabric for loop curtains. They are light, breathable and blend well with all kinds of interior.

  • What kind of curtain rods work for loop curtains?

Loop curtains work best when paired with curtain rods having a contemporary and industrial look.