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Many homeowners like the look of hardwood flooring but are put off by its maintenance requirements. They don’t want to buy a new floor every year because it is in the lime light. Or they want the maintenance-free aspect of bamboo flooring but cannot afford it. The good news is that bamboo Flooring maintenance is easy, and if you do it yourself you will see amazing results. Bamboo flooring installation is so simple that even the do-it-yourselfer can do it.

 Why should you buy bamboo hardwood flooring? Well installed, high quality engineered bamboo wood is as durable as hardwood. With proper care, bamboo will retain its attractive natural color over the years, looking just as stunning as it did the day it was installed.

Bamboo Flooring is fast becoming the hottest trend in the home improvement world. The reason why it is such a great choice for do-it-yourself installation is that it can easily be installed on your own with very few if any tools, and the cost of bamboo flooring is much less than it’s vinyl alternative – vinyl tile or carpet.

Bamboo flooring is easy to install. In fact, it requires almost no tools to install and can be installed on your own floors in under two hours with no troubles. The company that we chose to install our new floors used professional-grade adhesives to install our new flooring quickly and easily. Their adhesive is non-penetrable which means that it will not mar your surfaces when it is applied.

Bamboo flooring is also considered one of the least expensive flooring types on the market today. It costs about $2.50 per square foot, compared to other popular Flooring types that range from three to six dollars per square foot. This low cost makes it an ideal flooring choice for people who want to install it themselves, but are budget conscious. And for those who want a unique floor design, vinyl tile flooring may not be the best choice.

  • One of the nicest features of bamboo flooring is that it is so beautiful. 
  • Because it is made of individual boards, each piece is quite unique.
  •  Each board is about three to five inches in diameter and between eight to ten feet long depending upon the variety you choose. 
  • A variety of different colors are available, so adding this luxury to your home will make it more beautiful than any luxury vinyl tile flooring installation could.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of bamboo Flooring is the fact that it is extremely durable and very easy to clean. Since it is made up of individual boards, they are more likely to be scratch resistant and stain resistant than most flooring options. This makes it perfect for homes with children and pets, where accidents can occur. Carpet is a little more difficult to clean because the carpet is made up of small pieces. Bamboo flooring is much easier to maintain, which makes it an ideal choice for families with children or pets.

materials on the market today. Its low price and long durability make it an excellent choice for those who want a beautiful, low maintenance flooring option. With so many consumer reports highlighting its durability, it is easy to see why bamboo flooring has become so popular.

Another way that bamboo Flooring impresses consumers is its appeal as a green flooring project. In a world where we are constantly being told that we need to be more responsible with our energy usage, having a green flooring project in your home can help you do your part to conserve energy while also contributing to a better environment. It’s a win-win situation! And installing a bamboo floor in your home will not only save you money on your electricity bill, but on your taxes as well. That is because it will be contributing to the improved health of the local ecosystems that surround your home.

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, another great reason to install bamboo over vinyl Flooring in your home is that bamboo flooring is one of the least expensive flooring options on the market. Vinyl is not only more expensive, but it is also more time consuming to install and harder to care for. Bamboo flooring is virtually maintenance free, which means that once it has been installed, you will not have to spend a single minute worrying about it. Not to mention that once installed, it will add significant value to your home!

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When deciding between carpet and lvt flooring, you have many benefits from each option. If you want more value in your home, then installing carpet is the right decision. If you just want a clean floor, then installing lvt flooring is the smart choice. But regardless of your decision, both carpet and lvt Flooring will provide you with years of satisfaction.