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Floor Polishing

Make Your Workspace Elegant with Floor Polishing

Interior Fitout is all about making a space habitable. The term “office interior fit-outs” is commonly used to describe commercial spaces. Furthermore, office furniture, fabric, cladding, lift shafts, electrical works, partitions, floors, and ceilings will be included in an office interior fit-out. Commercial properties must keep up with the current trends, and one of the hottest trends to impact commercial buildings is the usage of polished flooring in a property’s interior. 

Over time, hard floors can get murky, greasy, and unclean. Hard flooring loses quality and sheen if not maintained properly, even if you frequently sweep, vacuum, and mop it. This is especially true for floors in establishments with high foot traffic, such as businesses, cafés, restaurants, and schools. A professional can polish all types of floors, including wood, concrete, marble, tiles, granite, and vinyl/linoleum flooring. Let’s examine some of the primary advantages of expert floor polishing.

Advantages of Floor Polishing

  • Enhance the look of the floor

A filthy floor does not reflect well on a company and could be harmful and unhygienic. Clients and visitors won’t have a positive first impression of it. Dirt, scuff marks, and dullness are removed from floors well-polished. It brings back the floor’s natural sheen and makes the space attractive and immaculate. 

Hard floor scuffs or scrape marks may be very ugly. They might have been destroyed by ineffective cleaning attempts or dark-colored shoes scraping across the floor. A skilled floor polishing service can polish away many ugly stains on floor surfaces and restore their original, pristine appearance. Polishing provides an additional layer of protection against future scratching and scuffing. 

Professional floor polishing may enhance a room’s overall appearance and ambiance. By improving the reflective qualities of the flooring, the natural light from the windows reduces the requirement for artificial lighting during the daytime.

Floor Polishing

  • Proper tools

Proper tools for the job are one of the main advantages of hiring a professional to clean and polish your floors. You won’t achieve the desired cleanliness level by polishing floors using inferior or ineffective tools and materials. It’s also possible to harm your flooring and end up in a worse situation than when you started.

Professional cleaners (like Interior Fitout) use an electric floor polisher that rotates a cleaning pad with a specific design at a high rate of speed. Different cleaning pads are available for various types of flooring so that the appropriate abrasion may be applied. They also use water and a pH-neutral cleanser in the process.

Furthermore, different floor materials call for different cleaning products. A professional cleaner can choose the best cleaning products and chemicals for your floor polishing to get the greatest possible results. For instance, marble is a pricey stone that requires careful cleaning since it reacts strongly to certain cleaning agents. Due to their expertise and ability to guarantee that the right precautions are followed, professional cleaners can prevent any harm to your flooring. 

  • Customizable

There are many different methods to personalize polished concrete. The installers may add desired colors to the flooring using pigments and dyes. Another option is to make the concrete resemble a sophisticated Terrazzo floor. Several options might satisfy different preferences. 

Floor Polishing

  • Simple to maintain

A professionally polished concrete floor is virtually done for life once the installation is finished. There is no requirement often to apply waxes, sealants, or other treatments to maintain the sheen. You only need to sweep and clean the floor regularly. 

  • Affordable

Property owners that invest in polished concrete floors can save on long-term maintenance costs because they don’t require upkeep expenditures like other flooring types, such as vinyl and wood. 

Wrapping Up

Floor polishing in Dubai with Interior Fitout Dubai is a great way to maintain the appearance of your floors and guard them against normal wear and tear. We never skimp on quality, whether it’s for sales services or interior design materials. We have specialists who can carry out the proper interior design tasks or plans by requirements. Think of Dubai Interiors as your go-to source for any exhibition design, landscape, office, or residential endeavors. We have established and upheld our reputation as the industry’s leading interior design firm.


  • How long will the polished floor last? 

Under normal circumstances, polished floors will last from 1 year to 3 years. 

  • What not to put on a polished floor? 

Avoid using cleaners containing ingredients like vinegar, pine-sol, bleach, and ammonia. 

  • How to maintain the shine of a polished floor? 

With normal sweeping and mopping, the polished shine of the floor can be maintained for a long time.