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Find Blackout Blinds And Get Beautiful and Easy In Dubai


Blackout Blinds is a stylish window treatment that offer many benefits for home owners. If you live in an older property then there is no need to replace old curtains or drapes as Blackout Blinds will work perfectly for them. These are a cost effective solution to all your blackout needs. So why should you buy Blackout Blinds from us?

Blackout blinds are made from a thick fabric that absorbs light extremely well. The thickness of the fabric makes it so that you will barely notice that they are there. It may take a few minutes for the sun to be visible through the thick fabric but once it is you will barely notice it. Another great thing about these blinds is that they have thermal properties so will stop the cold drafts coming into your rooms and also block out light especially for the hot summer months. They also come in a number of on-trend patterns and colours at very competitive prices. We also have a large range of fabrics available including woven fabrics, blackout fabric, vinyl and Roman fabrics.

Best Range Of Blackout Blinds

We also sell Blackout Blinds in a range of styles including roller shades, Roman shades, blackout fabric and bamboo shades. All these styles come in different materials and all have different characteristics. Roller shades and Roman shades for example will require special installation and care to keep them in good condition. With bamboo shades the bottom of the shade will need to be slanted slightly to prevent it slipping down over time. Regardless, of which type of Blackout Blinds you choose to buy from us it is important to know how each of the material works so that you can make the right choice of Blackout Window Treatments for your rooms.

  • To measure for your blackout blinds, we recommend that you first go to our showroom and measure the width and length of your window. 
  • Next you should measure from the outside edge of your windowsill by laying line across the top rail of the window. 
  • This will ensure that you are measuring accurately across the top of the glass. 
  • Once this has been done you should go back inside and measure the other sides of your windowsill and the area between your window frame and the outside edge of the sill.

This will ensure that you have enough measurement for your Blackout Blinds and shades. Your next step is to decide whether you want fabric or vinyl. Fabric blackout blinds are more appealing to the eye and allow greater light blocking properties. Vinyl is a lot more affordable but does not block out as much light and will also need maintenance to keep it in good condition. Blackout curtains on the other hand will not allow much light through but will be far more effective at doing so.

Choose Your Blackout Curtains In Abu Dhabi 

When choosing Blackout Blinds or blinds it is important to think about privacy and the darkening properties. If you have very small rooms that are hard to completely darken then choose blackout blinds and shades that allow a little privacy when needed but block out as much light as possible. This way you can create the illusion of extra space even if the room is very small. You can also go with a darker shade for a more dramatic effect.

Get Your Shade Online 

For those who like their home to reflect light and bring in natural sunlight we recommend that you choose Blackout Blinds and shades that come equipped with inside mount fittings. The reason why this is a great option is that you do not have to drill holes in your walls in order to place them. You simply open them up and slide them into place making sure that they are mounted properly. This is a simple process that takes very little time. This alone makes having these shades inside a room a great option.

When looking for Blackout Blinds and curtains for your windows, you will want to consider a wide selection. There are many different styles, colors, and materials to choose from. This means that you will want to compare many different stores. This will ensure that you find the best deal possible. Once you have found the right shades and treatments you will be happy that you have made the right choice and have made your home less obtrusive to look at.